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Big Ben Renovation

The regular sound of Big Ben chimes stopped, midday on 21 August 2017, before the start of repair work expected to last a few years.

Missing the bongs? Play them online: sound page.

Big Ben Sounds

Below are sound samples recorded from Elizabeth Tower. Firstly the quarter bells, secondly the hour strikes of Big Ben. The quarter chiming bells sound the notes G♯, F♯, E, and B. The first strike on the hour is intended to be within one second of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Big Ben’s chimes before the announced renovation work drew a larger than usual audience on 21 August 2017, at midday.

Listen to the famous sounds as recorded by the BBC: Final Big Ben Chimes for Now

Read about the reasons for the Big Ben Silence on the Parliament website : Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben Conservation Works

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